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Services for Autism - Frisco, TX
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Services for Children diagnosed with ASD

Pediatrics Plus believes in providing children and families the tools to remediate the core deficits of ASD. For children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Pediatrics Plus provides different service options designed to accommodate each child’s individualized needs.

Options include:

  • ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) provided in the home through private insurance plans*
  • ABA in the clinic utilizing our specialized natural-environment spaces and equipment through private insurance plans*
  • ABA as part of our comprehensive developmental preschool model for children ages 18 months to 6 years funded by private tuition and private insurance plans
  • Occupational Therapy Services
  • Physical Therapy Services
  • Speech Therapy Services

What's the Plus with ABA Therapy?

Developmental Preschool for Children diagnosed with ASD

Our developmental preschool provides classroom environments for children diagnosed with ASD including the added benefit of skilled teachers, therapists, behavior specialists, and/or registered nurses available to work within and alongside the classroom structure.

We believe in an individualized approach designed for each child. Based on the results of a comprehensive multi-disciplinary assessment, our team of professionals creates an individualized plan of care blending the most age appropriate evidence-based interventions. This plan is continually assessed and modified as needed in order to ensure each child continues to progress to his/her maximum potential.

Our specialized ASD developmental classrooms are comprised of an ASD supervisor, BCBA's, teachers, and occupational and speech therapists that are specialized in Autism Spectrum Disorder and the most up to date intervention methods. These classrooms include a structure and curriculum that encourages dynamic intelligence, functional play, and improved social engagement. These classrooms empower families by providing the support and tools needed to create a successful home environment for all members of the family. Through a collaborative approach with professionals and families, our goal is to assist children with ASD in reaching developmentally appropriate milestones and ultimately thrive within an integrated preschool classroom or kindergarten setting.

Each classroom includes:

  • Low stimulation environment
  • Dynamic Intelligence
    • Joint Attention and Co-Regulation
  • Individual & small group instruction
  • Right Response Training
  • Low teacher to student ratios
  • Individual visual schedules and transitional cues
  • Specially Designed Curriculum
  • SOS Feeding

Our ASD classrooms are based on developmental skill levels.  As a child meets 90% of the master criteria for the specific classroom, they will immediately transition to the next set of master criteria including moving to the next classroom when appropriate. There is no specific time frame that a child may spend in a classroom as their progression is directly correlated with an increase in skill level.

As a child progresses through each developmental classroom, the level of structure is reduced and the stimulation increased. Ultimately, when a child “graduates” from the ASD classroom model, they may be placed in one of the classrooms integrated with typical peers, more similar to the kindergarten class they will encounter when they go to school. 

The preschool provides program hours that allow parents to work while their child is receiving his/her plan of care carefully coordinated within the preschool day. 

Although we provide the majority of the services a child may need within our multi-disciplinary model, we do have expectations for parent involvement in order to ensure all strategies are carried over within the home.  We understand that all families have different circumstances that affect how much time they are able invest in their child’s service plan; however, our goal is to have optimal parent involvement to ensure success for each child within the school, home, and community settings.