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Parent Blog

OT at Pediatrics Plus

Occupational Therapy (OT) is a service that helps people of all ages do the things that are important to them in their daily life, known as their “occupations,” from getting themselves dressed to participating in their favorite hobby. A child’s main occupations in life are to play, learn, and grow

St. Patrick's Day Sensory Bin

Are you looking for a fun activity to do with your little one this month? We have just the thing!!! Why not try out this St. Patrick's Day Sensory bin.
Hot Chocolate Sensory Bin

The last year, we have spent extra time at home, which can lead to some stress for ways to entertain your kids! What better way to do that than with a sensory bin that is not only good for working on fine motor skills, but also YUMMY!! So this month, we are showing you an edible sensory bin you can make at home with your kiddos.
Halloween Ideas for Children with Special Needs

Halloween is JUST around the corner, and while this year is not what everyone expected, we know that kiddos are still looking forward to the normalcy of getting to dress up. Even if the costumes are only worn at school or in their neighborhood, we want to encourage all children to find their inner superhero or icon that they look up to...and dress the part.

How to Properly Fit Your Child's Backpack

Every day, parents hug and kiss their babies and send them off to school wearing their backpacks. Unknowingly, these loving parents, if uneducated about backpack safety, could be placing their child at an increased risk for neck and back pain.

Here are a few tips for safe backpack use...

9 Dollar Store Finds to Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer!

We have scoured the web and the brains of our fabulous staff to come up with 9 super-fun, super-inexpensive summer activities for you and your child!

These dollar-store activities will help your child’s development by teaching them to exercise their minds and their bodies. To get the full benefits of learning, play, enjoyment, and child development out of these activities, have your child help with every step!  

Tips for Teletherapy

Teletherapy is a word that we’ve all become familiar with over the past few weeks and probably a word we didn’t know much about until now. We’ve all had to be catapulted out of our comfort zones during these unprecedented times and how we facilitate therapy is no exception. Therapists, parents, and most importantly our children, have been expected to do their therapy sessions on a computer, phone, or tablet. It’s different than anything we’ve ever experienced before. But teletherapy doesn’t have to be intimidating. Our job is to make it fun and enjoyable for everyone. Here are a few tips that can make teletherapy sessions go a little smoother.
Physical Therapy at Home

As a parent, you know how important physical activity is for your child. Our therapists have put together some fun physical therapy tips to do at home.

Speech Therapy at Home

Therapy doesn't stop in the clinic! As a parent, here are some ways you can continue your child's progress in speech therapy while at home...

Preschool At Home

During this unprecendented time, while our preschools might not be functioning in the way that we normally are, our preschool staff are working tirelessly to get educational activity packets to our families each week.