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Parent Blog

As a parent, you know how important physical activity is for your child. During this time where a lot of families are at home, we put together some fun physical therapy tips to do at home.

  • Standing on a couch cushion or pillow while playing with fridge magnets or coloring on a paper taped to the wall about shoulder height
  • Doing same as above but with one foot up on a step or on a ball
  • Playing at a coffee table or kid's table in tall kneel or half kneel
  • Perform a bridge and have stuffed animals go under the bridge
  • Perform a clamshell and have stuffed animals go through the gate
  • There are a ton of youtube vides for brain break dances, going on a bear hunt, or child-friendly yoga poses
  • Walking along a chalk line (curved, or straight, or whatever you want to draw!)
  • Different animal walks (bear crawl, frog leap, crab walk, gorilla, chicken, anything!)
  • Classic sit-ups, jumping jacks, push-ups (can be on wall), etc. (could be a race or competition with siblings)
  • Red light/green light 
  • Simon says
  • Going up and down stairs for puzzle pieces or building blocks
  • Kicking a ball at a block tower or into a hoop
  • Trike, bike, or scooter ride
  • Reaching for bubbles or toys held above head to try and get on tiptoes 
  • Build a ramp or an obstacle course with couch cushions and pillows
  • Jumping down from a (safe) elevated surface and "FREEZE" when you land
  • Relay race with siblings (hopping on one foot, large jumps with both feet, running, crab walking, anything)
  • Throwing tennis ball, bean bags, or small stuffed animals at target (stacked blocks or plastic cup pyramid)
  • Pushing a filled (so it's heavy) laundry basket or other push toy that can be weighted down
  • Lay on back and hold a stuffed animal with feet then try and use feet/legs to throw it as high in the air as possible 
  • Balloon catch (like volleyball)
  • (If have tile or smooth floor) lay on back on a towel/small blanket and put feet up on wall with bent knees, then push! and see how far you can slide
  • On knees (or standing or on one foot) on couch cushion or pillow in between 2 tables (or boxes or whatever surfaces); reach down and pick up a plastic cup and place it on the opposite side's table and try to stack them as high as you can without falling over (or have cups on the table and pick up toys/marbles/snacks to put in the opposite side's cup)
  • Wheel barrel race 
  • While standing, try to pick up something small with toes and put in in a bin or cup without falling over (or balance small stuffed animal on top of foot and put it in a bin)

For itty bitties:

  • Crawling over obstacles (parent's legs, lined up pillows, etc.)
  • Tummy time in front of a window/mirror with shaving cream, pureed food, or non-toxic paint to try and get reaching with one hand
  • (NEEDS GOOD HEAD CONTROL) bouncing gently and side-to-side on knee 
  • Reaching for toys/beaded necklace/light-up things placed to the side and slightly behind
  • Pushing heavy push-toys
  • Play - in general, just play with your baby and don't have them in a swing/container as much as possible
  • Tummy time as much as tolerated throughout the day
  • Cruising along coffee table or couch for toy or baby-safe snack
  • Rolling ball back and forth in sitting or on tummy
Looking for more ways to do therapy at home, check out our other blogs on OT at Home and Speech Therapy at Home.