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Parent Blog

Are you ready for the first day of Preschool? Check out these Frequently Asked Questions from Parents...

Q: What are the criteria for enrollment in the preschool? What happens if my child no longer qualifies for the preschool? 
A: As an EIDT (Early Intervention Day Treatment) program, a child enrolled must qualify on a Developmental Evaluation in order to remain enrolled in an EIDT program. This is in addition to qualifying in two therapy areas (PT, OT, ST) as required by Pediatrics Plus. The preschool will try and notify you with as much anticipation as possible if your child no longer qualifies and a timeframe for transition will be discussed.  Outpatient therapies will remain an option. 
Q: My child was evaluated at another facility. What do I do with this information?  
A: Please provide a copy of documentation or reports to the front desk of your preschool. They will send the information to the appropriate entity and/or add it to the patient file. 
Q: How does the facility communicate with parents concerning daily progress or events? 
A: We communicate with our families using the following methods: 
  • Daily sheets from the classroom 
  • Pop-up messages on the computer during sign in/sign out 
  • Informal communication at drop off/pick up 
  • Memos and flyers 
  • Remind app text messages (Parents may sign up for this service. Instructions are available in the classroom and at the front desk.) 
  • We will also call if there is anything specific with your child, and you are free to call at any time to get clarification or information. 
Q: Can I call or text the teaching staff directly throughout the day or after hours? 
A: To ensure quality care and honor our childcare licensing guidelines, our teachers and admin will call families from our work extensions if the situation requires a phone call. Families are also welcomed to call the school and speak with an admin member, or email an admin member, and we will be sure to give that message to the teaching staff. Based on regulations, cell phone use is strictly prohibited during care of children. 
Q: Who are the administrators on site? What do they do? 
A: Feel free to contact the front desk and we will get you in touch with the admin member that will best meet your needs. 
The site administrators are as follows: 
Role Role Summary
Preschool Director Oversees all aspects of the Developmental Preschool program  
Assistant Director Oversees childcare licensing, staffing, and EIDT classroom guidelines; Communicates with families concerning enrollment 
Curriculum Coordinator Oversees classroom curriculum and classroom management. Ensures the implementation of developmentally appropriate practices in the classroom environment.
Mentor Teacher Provides support and oversees different aspects of staff development from new hire training to modeling behaviors in the classroom.   
Programming Coordinator Oversees the After-Care Program and plans special events. 
Nurse Oversees the medical aspect of the Developmental Preschool program. Provides daily nursing services as well as monitors for all aspects of health and safety.  
Food Programming Coordinator Administers the USDA Food Program for the facility, which includes planning and preparation of daily meals/snacks.  
Therapy Director Oversees all aspects of the Therapy Services. 
Admin Assistant Front desk; Provides customer service and clerical support for therapy and preschool operations.   
Admin Coordinator Provides administrative support and customer service for therapy operations.    
Q: Is Pediatrics Plus open year-round, and what days are they closed?  
A: Pediatrics Plus is open year-round. We're closed on national holidays and for the week of Christmas. A calendar with all specific closed dates can be found in the enrollment packet. You are welcome to request another calendar if needed.  
Q: What is the cost for extended care? How do I sign up? Is there a waitlist? 
A: The cost of extended care depends on the needs of the family (use of before and/or aftercare and number of days per week). The availability of extended care changes throughout the school year, so please contact the preschool for availability and rates. 
Q: Can I come see my child during the day? 
A: Parents are welcome to come see their children during the day. However, we work to minimize disruption during our school day, so please come to the front desk and we will facilitate that if needed. 
Q: What do you do when there are difficult behaviors? 
A: We strive to serve all children in a compassionate and understanding way. You can refer to the behavior policy in the handbook, but we will also individualize approaches as needed. Please share any concerns regarding your child's behavior. 
Q: Can I send food for my child to eat? 
A: We encourage all children at the facility to be a part of our food program, when possible. If this is not possible or not therapeutically recommended, food can be brought from home. However, we do have certain requirements for this food. Please see preschool admin for clarification if this is needed. 
Q: When will my child change classrooms? 
A: We reassess classroom placement in August with the start of the new school year, however, as children develop during the school year, we always want to place them in the best situation possible. This may result in classroom changes during the year if appropriate. 
Q: I have a new phone number/address. Who do I need to tell/what do I need to fill out? 
A: You can update your information at the front desk 
Q: What do I need to do if my kiddo takes a daily medication during school hours? 
A: Please speak with the nurse during Open House or on your first day and complete a Medication authorization form. 
Q: How am I contacted if my child gets sick or if there is an emergency? 
A: You will receive a phone call at the contact number listed on your Enrollment Packet. Please remember that we ask for kiddos to be picked up within 1 hour of being notified.  
Q: What is your sick policy? 
A: We make an effort to ensure that all children are safe and healthy. For this reason, we have a sick policy. Please refer to the Parent Handbook for more information.  
Q: How do I check my child in on the first day?
A: When you arrive, you will go to the keypad on the door and use your door code.  If you have not received your door code, you may request that from the front desk.  Someone can take you to your classroom if you are unfamiliar with the building.  This can also be requested from the front desk.  When you get to your child’s classroom, you will need to check them in on the computer. The classroom teacher can assist you on how to do that and show you how to checkout at the end of the day.
Q: What do I need to bring for the first day?  
A: You may bring the school supplies within the first week. Items that are essential on the first day are a change of clothes, diapers/pull-ups if needed, wipes, and favorite blanket for nap. 
Q: What time does my child have to be there every day? 
A: Between 8:00-8:30 
Q: What time do I have to pick up? 
A: Between 3:30 - 4:00