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Parent Blog

School’s Out and the fun of summer is upon us! Make the most out of summer with your children by organizing activities that promote movement and learning! Below are some inexpensive options that promote learning in less conventional ways.


  • Go for a bike ride – this might just seem like a typical summer activity, but the motion your child is doing while riding a bike, not to mention the core stability and hand eye coordination it takes, makes sure that they are physically and mentally engaged while they ride!
  • Play with Sidewalk chalk – this is a great and inexpensive activity to do outside. Encourage your young child to practice their letters, writing their name and more to work on their fine motor skills. You can also encourage saying the letters and words aloud to practice speech skills. For older children, let them create games with the sidewalk chalk, like hopscotch. This activity is great for coordination and stability!
  • Make Homemade Slime – here is an inexpensive option for an indoor activity that will help your child with creative play while also working on the fine motor skills of cutting, tearing, rolling into balls, etc. Find a great homemade slime recipe here.
  • Encourage Summer Reading – another great option is to create a reading chart that encourages your children to continue reading over the summer months. Download this free summer reading chart and use stickers as they fill up the days.
  • Go to the Park – again, this might just seem like a simple summer activity, but encourage your child to swing, play on the monkey bars, or walk around the perimeter of the playground. These activities help promote balance, core strength, awareness of surroundings, and more.

As the summer months progress, help your child continue to grow and learn as they play with these simple activities! Now get out and enjoy your Summer!