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Parent Blog


Halloween is a holiday with no limitations. It is the one day of the year where we can be absolutely anything we want! This includes children and adults in wheelchairs. While some may feel that a wheelchair gets in the way of expressing full Halloween creativity, we have seen that this is anything but true. The internet is full of fanciful, fun, imaginative costumes for both children and adults in wheelchairs, walkers, and other devices. For this halloween, we have put together some of our favorite costumes with how-to tutorials! So put on your creativity hats and make this year's costume the best one yet for your child!


halloween wheelchair costume

Chef and Oven

Approx cost: $15

Approx. time: 45 minutes

What you need:
Cardboard Box
Black posterboard 
White craft paper or white paint
Oven accessories printable
Zip ties or tape

Chef's hat and apron
Cooking accessories like a pot and spoon


  1. Cut and remove one side of box so that wheelchair can slide into oven (box)
  2. Wrap box in white craft paper or paint the box white
  3. Cut black posterboard to make "window" of oven front
  4. Cut out burners and knobs from the oven accessories printable
  5. Tape or glue window, burners, and knobs to the box to create oven
  6. Dress your little one up in their hat and apron 
  7. Slide wheelchair into oven (box) and use zip ties or tape to attach to wheelchair

Rocker 1

Rocker and Drumset 

Approx cost: $25

Approx. time: 1.5 hours

What you need:
Large white foam board
White foam board
Hula hoop
4 sheets of red poster board 
4 ft dowel rod
2 aluminum pie plates
2 12 inch dowel rods
Knife or scissors

Rocker outfit (we used a wig and sunglasses)


  1. For the large drum, use hula hoop to trace and cut large circle from the large white foam board
  2. Cut red poster board intro 12 inch strips and tape together
  3. Fold red poster board into a circle and tape to the white foam board circle that you previously cut
  4. Tape hula hoop on inside of drum
  5. For the small dums, cut 4- 8 inch circles out of white foam board
  6. Cut red poster board into strips and wrap around the 8 inch foam board circles, tape
  7. Tape small drums to large drum
  8. For the cymbals, cut holes into center of the pie plates
  9. Slide pie plates onto 4 ft dowel rod and tape pie plates to rod
  10. Attach cymbals to back of wheel chair using tape or zip ties
  11. Dress your little one up as a rocker
  12. Slide wheelchair intro drumset and use zip ties or tape to attach to wheelchair

Spider 3


Approx cost: $20

Approx. time: 30 minutes

What you need:
Foam pool noodles or foam pipe insulation
Black duct tape
Black mesh
Large googly eyes


  1. Wrap noodles in black tape (or use black paint) to make spider legs
  2. Wrap front and sides of walker in black mesh
  3. Tape legs onto sides of walker (4 on each side)
  4. Tape large googly eyes on front of walker

Bee 4

Bumblebee and Beehive

Approx cost: $45

Approx. time: 2 hours

What you need:
Foam pool noodles or foam pipe insulation
Yellow paint
Duct tape
Yellow contruction paper
Black marker
Black pipe cleaners
Optional: zip ties Bumblee costume


  1. Shape foam noodles into circles that will fit around the wheelchair
  2. Tape end of noodles together
  3. Stack noodle circles on top of each other to create hive shape and tape together
  4. Spray paint hive with yellow paint
  5. Make small bumblebees out of construction paper and marker
  6. Tape paper bumblebees to pipe cleaners and attach pipe cleaners to the hive
  7. Dress your little one in her bumblebee costume
  8. Slide hive over wheelchair and attach with tape or zip ties


For more wheelchair/walker costume ideas:
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