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Parent Blog

Officially receiving a diagnosis that your child has any sort of delay can be intimidating. The good news is that once a diagnosis is received, you will have the correct tools to help your child. What’s next? Read more below to learn about what steps to take after an official diagnosis.


  • Get a referral from your doctor

    • Early intervention is always recommended so your child has the best tools to reach their milestones. A referral from a doctor allows your child to receive proper therapy (Physical, Speech, Occupational, or ABA therapy).
  • Reach out to any parents you know who have similar experiences

    • Hearing other parents talk about going through the same scenario will make you feel less alone as a parent. A support system through any diagnosis is extremely helpful.
  • Don’t compare your child to others

    • Your child is wonderful! Every child is different. In a therapy environment after a referral, all children are treated as individuals in order to better accommodate their needs and reach their goals.
  • Be patient with your child’s progress

    • Being patient with your child allows a space for them to make progress on their own. Growth won’t happen overnight and that’s OK!


At Pediatrics Plus, we aim to give parents every tool possible to assist in proper development for their child. With these tips, you can be a part of your child’s developmental journey. We provide evidence-based Therapy Services that empower your child to conquer their world after an initial diagnosis.

Resources for this article include Healthline.