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Parent Blog

PP Blog 12DaysofChristmas
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... And as a parent, that means getting presents for the big day. At Pediatrics Plus, we want to help you prepare by offering some great developmental gift ideas for your little one. Each toy below is not only fun, but functional and focuses on development for your child.
  1. Rody
    Help your child improve their body awareness with this bouncy toy. They can also work on balance and improve core strength by learning how to stabilize.
  2. Aqua Doodle Mat
    This no-mess mat works on fine motor skills while developing early writing skills. It is also great for a child with mobility delays since you can play with it on the floor.
  3. Learning Resources Rainbow Cones
    These cones are great for color identification, following directions, pretend play, and can be used to “take orders” like an ice cream shop.
  4. Fischer Price Piggy Bank
    OTs love this toy! It helps develop fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, and grasping/reaching. You can also target cause and effect, identifying colors, pointing to body parts on the pig, requesting "more" coins...the possibilities are endless!
  5. Whirly Squigz Spinners
    This highly motivating, colorful toy is great to carry in the diaper bag as a distraction toy for restaurants, airplanes, and traveling for the holidays! This toy teaches cause and effect skills, fin motor skills, and is great for encouraging children to follow directions and taking turns!
  6. Fat Brain Spin Again 
    This toy is wonderful to use in therapy and loved by the children. The Spin Again is great for hand eye coordination, as well as use in therapy to work on balance by encouraging the child bend and pick up the gears. This toy is so fun!
  7. Magna-Tiles Set
    These tiles are so much fun! They target open-ended, unstructured play and encourage imaginationa nd creative play! As the name says, these tiles are magnetic and can be used to build structures, working building skills and hand eye coordination. These are great for gross motor skills, as you can encourage children to build tall towers, which leads them to bending down and picking up more tiles to build even higher!
  8. Baby Stella 
    This soft and snuggly baby doll makes for the PERFECT first baby doll. Her mouth is magnetic, so her paci sticks to her mouth, you can also order magnetic bottles and other items for her. She helps target pretend play skills, emotional and social development, and promotes engagement with a parent or peer.
  9. Hungry Monster Maze
    This toy improves motor coordination and encourages following directions, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and assists with identifying colors and numbers. Your child will love feeding this monster!
  10. Green Toys Cupcake Set
    Green Toys are basically indestructible and your child can play with them inside, outside, in the bath, pretty much anywhere! This toy is wonderful for developing fine motor skills, for use during pretend play, and for playing with peers.
  11. Round-the-Town Rug
    This rug allows for symbolic play by pushing cars around ont he rug as well as pretend play by setting up a town with blocks and driving cars through the town. This is great for solitary play or playing with peers.
  12. Nesting Garages
    Work on motor coordination with these garages by stacking and separating! This toy also develops vocabulary skills by teaching colors and numbers and helps with learning simple matching skills.