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Physical therapy is important with your toddler's development in their first year of life. Here are some tips from a physical therapist on ways to encourage your 9-12 month old to get moving!!

  • When your child is sitting and playing with toys in the floor, try placing the toys in all directions around them, so that they are having to reach and move to both sides with both hands.
  • While on the floor, have a support surface such as a play table, ottoman or soft coffee table close. You can place their toys on top of the suface and encourage them to pull up to standing.
  • When playing with the child at a support surface, move the toys out of their reach to both sides and have them cruise along the surface to retrieve them. You can also place the toys on the ground beside them and have them squat down to get it and either lower into sitting, or stand back up at the surface.
  • Push toys are GREAT!! They encourage your child to begin taking steps, but also require them to use their core muscles while they are doing so. They also put their legs in a better alignment as opposed to a baby walker. 
  •  You can play with your child sitting on your leg (or a small step), with their feet on the ground, and hold their hands to help them push to standing. Then you can begin working on their balance in standing by changing up how much assistance you are giving them. This is also strengthening their legs by standing up and then sitting back down over and over.
  • Transitions are key at this age! They should be starting to move freely and safely from sitting to hands and knees, to standing at a surface, to walking at that surface/push toy/with hand held assistance. Use their toys or yourself as incentive to move throughout their environment.
For more information on milestones for your little one, visit our Milestones blog or watch a video on milestones at this age at our Milestones Videos page.