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Your little one is really starting to move, or trying to at least. By 6-9 months, there is a lot of motivation to get to things that you place in front of them. While they might not be on the move yet, they definitely will be soon. So here are some important things to do with your child!


    • Give your child plenty of time to play on the floor throughout the day. They are learning to explore at this age. Place toys just outside of their reach in sitting (prone) position to encourage them to find unique ways to retrieve the toys.
    • Tummy time is still important, even if your baby can roll off of their tummy at this time, make sure you still place them on their tummies. This will help when they are motivated to begin crawling!
    • Kids will practice an activity repeatedly and they will fail many times before they learn a successful way to crawl, sit, get in and out of sitting, etc. Allow them the time, space, and grace to fail!
    • It is fine to occassionally help your child solve a task, but let them explore and attempt to solve the problem by themselves!
    • Keep your kids out of Bumpos, walkers, and other baby equipment! Of course, there are times that you need to occupy them while you get a few things done in a safe environment. A great option for this is a pack n play with toys in it! The more kids are in baby equipment the more they learn inappropriate postures and movement patterns and the less opportunity they have to explore and try out different ways of moving and reaching! If you need to put them in baby equipment, try to limit their time to less than 15 minutes.
    • Another great idea for helping your child work on sitting, balance, and protective reactions is to place pillows around their hips to give them a little stability and to protect them when they lose their balance. It’s ok for them to fall and lose their balance in a safe environment. This is how they learn that they moved too far one way and need to correct on their next attempt.
    • Some parents will also place their child in a laundry basket with a few pillows or pool noddles and toys to give them the ability to sit and practice balance reactions within safe limits, while the parent finishes their own activities (in site of baby).
    • An item I would recommend is a baby activity table. This is a place for your baby to pull to stand. However, be careful that they do not pull it over on themselves. Or, you can take the legs off of the activity table and place it flat on the ground. This is a great motivation for crawling, reaching on their belly, or for getting out of sitting and back onto the ground.
    • Frequently, at this age, kids are able to sit once they are placed, but are unable to get in and out of sitting themselves. You can help your child through this transition by placing a toy out of reach. This gives them the time and space to attempt to get out of sitting or into sitting to reach the toy.
    • The best thing you can do for your child is to give them an exciting environment that they want to explore! This can be through well placed toys: on the couch, if enticing them to start pulling to stand; 5 feet in front of them, if enticing them to move themselves forward on the ground; or just out of reach in sitting to encourage and work on the transition out of sitting into quadruped.
For more milestones at this age, check out Milestone Moments: 6-9 Months or catch up on all of our milestones at our Milestone Blog page!