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Wyatt's Story

Wyatt has grown leaps and bounds (literally) since he started at Pediatrics Plus!

Asher's Testimony

Our son went from this little boy who had nothing to say, to this outgoing, amazing little boy who doesn't stop talking, thanks to Pediatrics Plus.

Marissa M.

He attends the developmental preschool where he is thriving!

"My son, Asher, was referred for a physical therapy evaluation when he was 6 months old. By then, he had already had an extensive medical history, including open-heart surgery at 4 months old to repair congenital heart defects. He was very delayed and was also referred for an occupational therapy evaluation. Through it all, his therapists (which currently include PT, OT, and SLT) worked alongside our family to ensure Asher was getting everything he needed. Everyone who has worked with him is knowledgeable and if they could not answer our questions, they would find someone who could. He now receives 10 sessions of therapy per week and he attends the developmental preschool where he is thriving! We don't know what we would do without the therapists and staff at Pediatrics Plus, who we now, almost 2 years later, consider to be part of our family."

Shannon S.

Pediatrics Plus felt like home right from the start

"For me, it came down to where I personally felt most comfortable having Stella. Pediatrics Plus felt like home right from the start, and I felt that Stella could thrive in the environment that they create for the children. I am lucky to have found Stella's Pediatrics Plus family because they have made such a significant difference in my daughter's life. I will forever be thankful to them."

Amber N.

The staff and therapists are all so caring and helpful.

"My child has received such great care at Pediatrics Plus. The staff and therapists are all so caring and helpful. They have not only met my child's needs in their area but also looked at my whole child to make sure he is getting the very best treatment. The improvements we've seen have been so encouraging."

Tara L.

It is an amazing place with amazing therapists!

"Pediatrics Plus is like family to my son. He has had OT and PT for over eight years, since before his first birthday. With their help, he has made great progress in his physical abilities. Somehow, they make the visits enjoyable. It is an amazing place with amazing therapists!"

Maldonado Family Testimony

The Maldonado twins have shown great improvement during their time at Pediatrics Plus, but especially with the help of therapists that collaborate with each other to make sure each child's best interest is at the center of their daily tasks.

Beau & Rosie's Story

"We are grateful for the bar being set so high in preschool so that we can go into whatever school setting is next for them asking for what we know is best for them!" We are so thankful that the Sweatman family has found a place that is right for Rosie and Beau at Pediatrics Plus.

Amy B.

I am glad that God placed Pediatrics Plus in our lives.

"We love everyone at Pediatrics Plus. Brady is a completely different person since we started therapy and preschool. He has improved drastically in all areas. I would be lost without the support provided to us. I am glad that God placed Pediatrics Plus in our lives. We are so blessed to be on this journey with Pediatrics Plus."

Brooke S.

His progress is immeasurable.

"I visited many therapy providers for kids but instantly knew that Pediatrics Plus was the place for us. The facility is clean and organized and there is an atmosphere of hope and love around. My son started receiving therapy here when he was two. He is now five and attends the preschool. His progress is immeasurable. Not only in the areas he receives therapy but also in the relationships he has formed. People greet him in the halls and make him feel loved and important. The staff has provided support above and beyond their job duties. They have become like family to us and we love being part of Pediatrics Plus!!"

Tripp L.

Pediatrics Plus is incredible and has played a life-changing role in our son's development.

"Our son Alex started receiving OT and PT at Pediatrics Plus when he was 8 months old. The neurologist at ACH told us that Alex may not ever walk and gave us a challenging prognosis based on his diagnosis of a partial chromosome deletion. The therapists, administrative staff, preschool teachers, and fellow families at Pediatrics Plus are incredible and have played a life-changing role in our son's development. Alex is now a running, jumping, thriving 7 year old who continues to meet goals and exceed expectations. We believe his success is largely thanks to the compassion and care we have received from the staff at Pediatrics Plus, who partner with our family to help Alex develop into the very best he can be!"

Stephanie C.

Pediatrics Plus has changed our lives.

"Pediatrics Plus performs speech and occupational therapy for my son William, who has Autism. We have worked together and brought by son from completely nonverbal to being able to communicate. Pediatrics Plus has changed our lives. I can now say my son is recovering from Autism and is a very happy child."

Christian's Testimony

Lauren K.

I cannot begin to express my gratitude for everyone who contributes to the pro-child, family-friendly environment at Pediatrics Plus.

"When I called Pediatrics Plus, my son Spencer was a smart, playful, active 3 year old with a Childhood Apraxia of Speech diagnosis. I had concerns regarding the therapy he was currently receiving at another center where he was required to participate in three sessions per week for an hour at a time, which fit neither his attention span nor developmental needs. For Spencer at three years old, an hour-long session precluded the possibility of intensive speech sessions, which is the standard of care for children with a CAS diagnosis. When I shared my concerns with Jennifer at Pediatrics Plus, she was eager and happy to offer evidenced-based therapies in a format that was perfectly tailored to meet Spencer's needs. She assured me if their first approach was not a good fit for Spencer, then they would absolutely to try other approaches. Spencer began speech and occupational therapy in shorter and more frequent sessions. His therapists communicated with me as professionals who were dedicated to my son's success. Not surprisingly, he began to make great progress within this developmentally appropriate, individualized treatment plan. Three years later, I cannot begin to express my gratitude for everyone who contributes to the pro-child, family-friendly environment at Pediatrics Plus. People now look at me like I am crazy if I mention that Spencer has a neurologically based speech disorder called Childhood Apraxia of Speech or that he has some developmental delays. A team dedicated to a child's success plus great therapists and evidenced based therapies is truly a platform for life-changing progress, and we are so thankful to have found that equation here. Pediatrics Plus rejects the notion that one particular therapy, method, or format should be uniformly imposed on every child and every family. Rather they willingly engage in a process of frequent re-evaluation, closely working with parents to monitor both progress and regression and to tirelessly tweak treatment plans to address any issue that may arise. When asked about my experiences at various pediatric therapy centers, I try to sum it up in this way, 'If you want a place that will recognize and value your child as an individual and be willing to partner with your family to support, enhance, and improve his place in your family as well as his place in the real world, you will not find a better fit than Pediatrics Plus'."

Tina C.

The staff has gone above and beyond any expectations...

“I am beyond thrilled and blessed to have put my son with Pediatrics Plus. His emotional and physical behavior have been a life change. I am so proud of him and blessed to have such a wonderful staff work with him. I do not worry when I drop him off, in fact I am excited to experience his learning with him! The staff has gone above and beyond any expectations and we are truly blessed by them. The improvement in my son and how much knowledge he has obtained brings me to tears and makes me so proud that I chose Pediatrics Plus! Thank you so much for all you have done as a team. Words will never express how thankful we are!”

Irene H.

The therapists are AMAZING!

“My daughter has been receiving therapy at Pediatrics Plus for a year now. The therapists are AMAZING! I cannot thank them enough for all they do to help my little girl. My daughter also attends the preschool at Pediatrics Plus. The teachers are very attentive. I highly recommend Pediatrics Plus!!”

Kristen M.

Everyone is so kind and helpful and that sure makes it easier on her!

“We were so happy with our daughter's testing!  Everyone is so kind and helpful and that sure makes it easier on her!  She felt right at home and very comfortable which I think helps you get a "true" test accomplished!  Thanks for everything you guys do. We are so pleased with the experience and will easily recommend Pediatrics Plus to anyone who needs a wonderful place to take their child!”

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