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In The News

Congratulations to Leah Lowe PT, DPT, PhD, physical therapist and coordinator of research and professional relations at Pediatrics Plus, on her recent publication in Pediatric Physical Therapy. The article, Body Weight Support Treadmill Training for Children With Developmental Delay Who Are Ambulatory, is the culmination of Dr. Lowe's dissertation work at the University of Central Arkansas and is co-authored by her PhD mentor, Dr. Charlotte Yates, and mentor and committee member, Dr. Amy Gross McMillan. The randomized control trial examines the effect of a brief, high-intensity body weight support treadmill program on gait and gross motor development in children (2-5 years old) with developmental delay who are ambulatory. The summarized findings are reported on the Our Research page here. Dr. Lowe was also featured on the journal's podcast discussing her article and its implications regarding the topic of dosing in pediatric physical therapy. Drs. Lowe and Yates will begin data collection on an additional study utilizing body weight support treadmill training at Pediatrics Plus in the next few months.