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Playing with your baby from the day she is born is one of the best things you can do to enhance her development. Unfortunately, many new parents don’t realize their new baby can actually engage in “play.”

They may ask “How can a baby play?” and “What toys do I use?” Below are a few ideas to help new moms and dads rethink their current ideas of play, and learn what play that enhances development actually looks like for infants.

Play for a newborn infant requires no actual toys! That’s right, none! The absolute best toy for your infant is YOU, and the best way to play with them is by using face to face, back and forth interaction.

1. Position your baby in a way to get them close to your face.

2. Look, smile, and engage in conversation with your baby.

3. Look for her responses in movement, facial expressions and noises, and then respond back with your own, using a lot of language.

Take advantage of every opportunity to engage with your baby: during diaper changes, bath time, feeding time and snuggle time. The more interaction you have with your baby, the greater the development.