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This year is coming to a close and as we all prepare for the holiday season, we didn't want you to miss out on our very last month of milestones! Age 5 is crucial for your little one as they are preparing for or already engaged in school and will be reaching more milestones as they socialize with the children around them. See the below list of developmental milestones for this age.


  • Stands on one foot for 10 seconds or longers
  • Hops, skips, jumps forward with 2 or more feet
  • Performs a somersault
  • Jumps rope, swings, and climbs with ease
  • Helps with household tasks
  • Builds forts or houses
  • Prints some letters or numbers
  • Copies triangles or other geometric shapes
  • Eats and dresses independently
  • Counts 10 or more things
  • Tells simple stories using full sentences
  • Speaks clearly
  • Participates appropriately in a conversation
  • Understands real vs. make-believe
For more milestones at this age or any age up to 5, please visit our Milestones blog. To see a video of these milestones, visit our Milestones Videos page.